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Sarcopenia, defined as age-related involuntary loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength, has been associated with physical disability, functional decline, falls, impaired mobility, and mortality in elderly people. This study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of exercise and leucine-rich amino acid supplementation in enhancing muscle mass and strength in community-dwelling elderly sarcopenic women.


The study demonstrated that appendicular muscle mass and walking speed increased with the combination of exercise and essential amino acid ingestion, as well as with separate exercise and amino acid interventions, but muscle strength improved only with the combination of exercise and amino acid ingestion. More...




This study demonstrated that when compared to elderly people who exercised only, an improvement in walking ability was observed in groups who both exercised and were given 3.0g and 6.0g of essential amino acids. Only the groups that received essential amino acid supplements showed improved walking ability.


This is the first study to demonstrate that essential amino acid supplementation at a dose of 3g/day is adequate for elderly people to improve walking ability when combined with an appropriate training program. More...




This study showed that leucine-enriched amino acids (LEAA) “pack a more powerful punch” than whey protein: findings indicated that LEAA stimulates muscle protein synthesis in older women with equal efficiency to a large amount (20g) of whey protein despite that fact that the latter provides more than 3 times more EAA per kg of lean body mass (LBM). Leucine-enriched amino acids stimulate muscle protein synthesis following exercise in older women, similar to what has been shown in other studies on younger men at rest and after exercise.


The study suggests that leucine-enriched amino acids would be an effective supplement to positively influence muscle hypertrophy (muscle cell growth) without the need for more satiating high-protein doses that may act as meal replacements, perhaps impacting overall energy/protein intake. More...

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